Lacire Drip Pillar Candles – White

Experience the delicious tension of temperature play with these sensual drip candles. Made of body-safe paraffin wax, the same type used in skin-soothing salon treatments. Hold the candle at an angle to control the flow of the wax and drizzle warm pleasure onto your lovers body. Massage in and leave on until it cools. Once dried, easily peels off. Candles should be a minimum of 36″ from the skin to allow wax to cool before contact.

Paraffin, white pillar candles for melting, sensation play and massage. Paraffin wax is an emollient and is used to soften skin. Its made from petroleum products and transfers heat well too. The heat transfer opens pores and soothes sore muscles.


  • Unscented
  • Handmade
  • Non-staining
  • 100% paraffin wax
  • Wick is 100% cotton
  • Each candle burns 90 minutes

Product Dimensions 20 grams each H: 5.25″ W: 2.5″ D: 0.75″

In The Box: 3 white pillar candles

Materials: 100% paraffin wax, wick is 100% cotton
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Purchase:  Price: $8.49

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